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Dave & Claudia Arp
Marriage Alive International, Inc., the home of 10 Great Dates. We offer resources, seminars and training to empower couples, churches, communities, and the US military to build better marriages and families.

Our history? We introduced the concept of married couples dating back when dating wasn’t cool. Years ago our first book, 10 Dates for Mates (Thomas Nelson 1983), a Gold Medallion finalist, launched our pathway to helping couples grow together while going out together. Our 10 Great Dates brand of resources including books, video-based programs, and seminars, are used nationally and internationally.


  Now-a-days, "date nights" are popular across our country, which may be why you are checking us out. Couples taking time out to have fun together is important, very important. But, there’s more. Our secret is to offer you Great Dates that are not only fun but also help you build and strengthen your relationship for the long haul.

  According to research conducted around the country, couples who completed the 10 Great Dates program reported improvement in their communication, conflict resolution, anger management, and emotional connectedness. If these are some of the areas you would like to see growth (or just have some fun dates) 10 Great Dates just might be for you. 

  And, if you are an Empty Nester (or should be) check out 10 Great Dates for Empty Nesters and our Second Half of Marriage resources.

   Our books have sold well over a million copies in over 10 languages, including the Gold Medallion winner, The Second Half of Marriage and the Silver Medallion winners, 10 Great Dates and Answering the 8 Cries of the Spirited Child. Latest releases include No Time for Sex, $10 Great Dates, and 10 Great Dates:Connecting Faith, Love & Marriage. 

 We have been featured in media like USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and Focus on the Family as well as national radio and television. 

  Do take a look around our website and see what else catches your eye. 

  By-the-way, when we are not writing or speaking, you’ll probably find us hiking trails in Northern Virginia where we live or in the Austrian Alps where we love to go to write and hike. Below are some recent pictures of hikes near Kitzbühel, in the Tyrol region of Austria.

About Marriage Alive International, Inc.

  For over 40 years, Marriage Alive has been the go-to place for marriage and family relationship building resources. We were promoting dating back when dating wasn't cool. You can learn more about Marriage Alive International, Inc. here.


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