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Meet Josh and Christi Straub

We want to introduce Dr. Josh and Christi Straub. We feel they are the perfect couple to bring the 10 Great Dates concept to this next generation.  

Josh & Christi Close up    We have known the Straubs for a number of years. Josh and Christi have that natural connection, honesty, spark, and sensitivity to each other that comes across well in a video format – especially to those younger couples we want to reach.      

Over several months as they went out on their dates, they kept a video log of what they learned and experienced during their dates. You will benefit from their insights and vulnerability as they guide you through your great dates.

Josh has his PhD and Christi an M.A. and MBA. Click here Josh & Christi for much more about them.



Click on the video clip below from their regular "Facebook Live” stream where tens of thousand of viewers have watched them. 


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