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David & Claudia Arp

Second Half of Marriage - DVD Curriculum

 Help couples make the rest the best.

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The second half of marriage can be a time of incredible fulfillment, no matter what challenges you’ve previously faced. Couples can rediscover each other and build a more personal, satisfying and romantic life together. 

This small group DVD resource is designed to facilitate  this rediscovery and rebuilding for the empty nest years. For empty nesters and those whose nest may have refilled or never emptied! You can: 

• Renew your love

• Reinvent your marriage 

• Make the rest the best 

Based on the Gold Medallion Award-Winning book, The Second Half of Marriage. . . DVD CURRICULUM FOR MARRIAGES IN THE EMPTY NEST YEARS

 • Easy to lead 

• Flexible format 

• Lively and interactive 

• Great for small groups and retreats 

The Second Half of Marriage contains:  DVD with 9 video sessions, Leader's Guide and Participant's book. 


Sessions include:

 1. Letting go of the Past and Focusing on the Future 

2. Creating a Marriage that is Partner, not Child-Focused 

3. Building an Effective Communication System 

4. Using Anger in a Creative Way to Build Your Relationship 

5. Building a Deeper Friendship 6. Renewing Romance and Intimacy 

7. Relating to Aging Parents and Adult Children 

8. Growing Together Spiritually


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