book cover of answering the 8 cries of the spirited child, strong children need confident parents, by david arp and claudia arp
Answering the 8 Cries of the Spirited Child

Answering the 8 Cries of the Spirited Child (Out of Stock)

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“You can’t make me!

“What does your child really mean when shouting “You can’t make me!” or “I hate you!” Dealing with a spirited child can make the best of parents feel inadequate, frustrated, and completely defeated. Based on a survey of parents in both the United States and Europe, authors and family experts, David and Claudia Arp, have identified the eight most common “cries” of the spirited, or strong-willed child. In the pages of this book you will discover what these cries really mean and how you can answer them and confidently guide your child toward maturity. If you’re looking for practical help, sympathetic insight, and hope for raising a spiritually and emotionally healthy child, this is the book for you. You’ll discover answers that translate into real life and practical help for raising your child to reach his or her fullest potential. You’ll find:

  • A personality chart to help you understand your child
  • Questionnaires to help you identify your child’s needs
  • Guidelines on how to “reframe” your child’s extreme behaviors
  • Suggestions on how to improve your “positive to negative” ratio
  • A list of common parenting mistakes to avoid
  • Ideas for beating the homework hassle
  • 4 tips to help kids make good decisions
  • 7 keys to maintaining parental sanity