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Hi Friends and Marriage Champions, 

Links have now been fixed - sorry for the frustration on this email yesterday.
Here is something different. If you are interested, listen to our lively, open, and honest conversation with Dr. Josh + Christi Straub on their popular podcast, In This Together.

Enjoy our lively conversation and find out when in our marriage we felt "most emotionally disconnected" and why Christi was so embarrassed about "Intimacy Coupons" and why Josh is so excited about them.

Here's how Josh introduces us:
"In the spirit of interviewing people who influence us personally, this episode features marriage mentors of our own, David and Claudia Arp. Married for 55 years, their insights on marriage have influenced the types of conversations we have in our marriage today.

In this episode, David and Claudia share the secrets that have kept them enjoying their marriage for more than five decades."

Click on our picture below for more info, the topics, etc. Then to listen in click on LISTEN under the picture. It will take you to the list of Podcasts, then click on #50 to bring it up and click again to play it. 
Does your marriage need a dose of joy? Listen this week to the joy of 55 years of marriage! 

LISTEN#50: 10 Great Dates with David + Claudia Arp

We made it! Our 50th episode of the podcast!

What's amazing is that our guests this week have been married for more years than we have episodes at this point.

Blessings to all,  Dave & Claudia   10GreatDates.org