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Here is the Updated and Expanded 10 Great Dates book and DVD Curriculum!

DVD & Book                                                                                                       Ultra-relevant and packed full of tips, this updated and expanded edition of 10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage will bring adventure back with ten innovative dates each with proven conversation prompts based on eye-opening themes. Surprise each other with the thrill of a hot new connection and a revived sense of purpose. Includes bonus dates.                                                     Read more....  Order your copy today! 









"10 Great Dates to Energize Your Marriage is one of the most purposeful experiences you can do for your relationship. I’ve passed out the book to scores of people and it’s life changing. Dave and Claudia Arp are two of the finest marriage experts in the world. The 10 Great Dates video with Dr. Josh and Christi Straub is something every church should use to help come alongside marriages. It’s quality material" 

Jim Burns, PhD. President, HomeWord 


Blog Post: Something different - You can Listen in to our open, honest, lively conversation with Josh + Christi

PodcastEnjoy our lively conversation and find out when in our marriage we felt "most emotionally disconnected" and why Christi was so embarrassed about "Intimacy Coupons" and why Josh is so excited about.... Read more  / To listen 



Water Falls

Blog Post: Young Lovers at Abrams Falls 

It’s early morning on a spring day. The sun’s rays are quickly chasing off the fog. The water in the bubbling brook and the wild flowers peeking thought the snow greet two hikers. They are college students, desperately in love, cherishing precious moments together. Following the Smoky Mountains trail up and down the hills, they attack the rough terrain, while in the valley below the brook widens and the musical sound of the rustling water fills the air. The majestic mountains tower above.

The lovers stop frequently to .... Read on 

Blog Post: Don’t Let Anger Push You over the Cliff!

Never trust a person who says he doesn’t get angry -- especially if it’s your partner! When God created marriage and proclaimed, the two shall become one, (Genesis 2:24) along with the oneness came the potential for fireworks. In the closeness of a marriage, it’s easy to react and become angry. The good news is you can process anger and build your relationship by making a simple anger contract. We did, and not only did it help our marriage, one day it saved our lives! Here’s the back-story.

        One of our favorite places in the world is Engelberg, Switzerland where we hiked with our family when we lived in Germany. Fast-forward a few years. After conferences in Germany, we returned to Engelberg for a couple of days of hiking in the Alps. The first day, we chose an easy hike we had taken years ago with our children. A cable car has replaced the cogged railroad from years ago. No problem until...  Read on

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