book cover of no time for sex, finding the time you need for the love you want, by david arp and claudia arp
No Time for Sex

No Time for Sex

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How to find the time for getting the love you want.

Today most married couples live in a perpetual frenzy of criss- crossing schedules, meals on the run, continual drop-offs and pick-ups, feedings, meetings, and events. Something has to give, and often it is sex. But according to marriage experts David and Claudia Arp, it does not have to be this way. They offer help for energy-zapped, sleep-challenged, and sex-deprived couples longing to put interest back in intimacy, readiness back in romance, and sizzle back in marital sex. Using an easy, fun, but realistic and biblically based approach, the Arps share five secrets to help time-deprived lovers recapture a five-star love life, including tips for boosting energy and finding time away from the kids. Intimate, frank, and down-to-earth practical, this book is a must for today's harried marrieds.