Front and back book cover of 10 great dates for empty nesters by David and Claudia Arp
10 Great Dates for Empty Nest Couples
10 Great Dates for Empty Nesters

10 Great Dates for Empty Nesters

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It’s just the two of you again and it’s time to renew your relationship.

You can energize your date night this week! You can reconnect and reclaim that spark, excitement, and creativity you experienced before you had kids through ten innovative, fun dates guaranteed to spice up your marriage. Specially crafted for empty-nesters, these dates are based on relationship-enriching themes, such as

  • Becoming a couple again
  • Rediscovering intimate talk
  • Revitalizing your love life
  • Growing together spiritually
  • Relating to adult children
  • Becoming best friends
Vintage Arps - PBS TV Special on Empty Nesting