book covers of he's almost a teenager, essential conversations to have now, by david arp, claudia arp, peter larson, and heather larson
He's Almost a Teenager - Essential Conversations to Have Now
He's Almost a Teenager - Essential Conversations to Have Now

He's Almost a Teenager - Essential Conversations to Have Now

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Anxious about the upcoming teen years with your son? 

You may be noticing that the sweet little guy who used to hold your hand is changing. He might seem entirely focused on video games, sports, and pizza, but he has some deeper thoughts and concerns lurking inside. At this stage in his life, he's likely questioning . . .

· how to navigate friendships and make good decisions when there's so much conflicting information and everyone else seems just as confused
· how to keep up with schoolwork while life gets busier and busier
· what the rules and responsibilities are of having a social media presence
· why he would want to have a closer relationship with God

This book offers eight different topics of conversation, each of which will provide questions and talking points for meaningful discussions you can have with your son. This isn't a typical parenting book with a "do this and expect that" kind of formula; rather, it's meant to help you and your son embrace the coming years together as you guide him safely and lovingly through his teenage years and into adulthood.

Peter and Heather Larson and David and Claudia Arp are known for their fun, practical ideas to help couples and families build great relationships. Peter is a licensed clinical psychologist, and Heather is a Christian life coach. David and Claudia are the creators of the popular 10 Great Dates® program and have written more than thirty books, including The Connected Family and Suddenly They're 13--Or the Art of Hugging a Cactus.