Two-Part Harmony

by David & Claudia Arp
March 23rd, 2017

The logs in the open fireplace crackled a warm welcome to the guests who had assembled to celebrate the union of Marcy and Tim. Outside the snow continued to fall. The ambience of the old hunting lodge on this cold winter day was a wonderful setting for a wedding reception.

The small, intimate ceremony, completed just a few minutes earlier, had reaffirmed that God is the one who created the holy state of matrimony. Vows spoken. Two lives joined as one. Two hearts fused together in love. Now the celebration.

Music In the background the musical notes of a classical guitar and violin filled the room with romantic cords. Each instrument complemented the other. Wonderful two-part harmony! And then God seemed to whisper . . . Marriage is a two-part harmony—each has your own notes to play. Play them in such a way that you complement and harmonize with one another.

What a beautiful picture of a marriage! Two lives harmonizing together to create a new entity—a marriage. But too often we want to play our own song without harmonizing with the other. Or we want to be our own voice rather than blending together as one. Yet in a duet each seeks to enhance the other so that together the music is more beautiful than it would have been with just one playing or singing alone.

In a harmonious marriage there is no room for competition or tooting your own horn. Competing is the opposite of harmonizing. If we’re playing in harmony, it means we mutually respect each other and our unique gifts. It really is like we are two different musical instruments playing different parts. With God’s grace we can continue to make beautiful music together!

 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. PHILIPPIANS 3:3