The Gift of Love

by David & Claudia Arp
June 29th, 2017
A favorite song from our dating days is “Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing.” It described the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement of our growing love for each other. 

Perhaps you also remember the thrill of “young love,” but over time things began to settle down. Did you, like us, discover that the person you thought was just about perfect also had some irritating habits? The stars in our eyes faded enough to see each other’s little idiosyncrasies!

While love is still “a many splendored-thing,” the reality of living together creates tension that can cloud the skies of romantic bliss. For instance, at times I (Dave) like my peace and quiet. There are times when I want to just chill out, check messages and spend some time on my notebook or watch a no-brainer movie, at the same time that Claudia really wants to talk. I can find it very frustrating! But just as I’m ready to say, hey, can’t we talk later, I hear a small, still voice, Love is an attitude of caring more for the other person than caring for yourself. Can you turn this irritation into a gift of love by choosing to give her a gift of sacrifice and really listen to her—now?

It works both ways, For instance, if I (Claudia) walk into the bathroom and there are Dave’s clothes (from more than one day) draped over the tub rather than in the hamper or closet, I can become irritated—quickly—or I can give him a gift of love by simply hanging them up and choosing to see that act of kindness as my gift of service to Dave.

What about you? What about those times you’re irritated with your spouse? Would you consider how you could turn your irritation into a gift of love? We all need reminders to love one another. And love is expressed in little acts of kindness.

We challenge you to think about what spells love to you. Are you willing to strive daily to choose the higher road of giving rather than receiving? Our prayer for you is that you will experience the joy of giving—not material gifts, but gifts of love, to the one whom you have chosen above all others to love and cherish.

Gifts of the heart—gifts of love—are gifts that last forever.

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue

but with actions and in truth.

I JOHN 3:18