The Heart of Commitment


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Commitment - a Matter of the Heart!

 Let's get right to the heart of the matter. How committed are you to your spouse and to your marriage? Is it a commitment of the heart?
Heart commitment is more that just sticking together. Many couples get stuck in a dull and stagnant marriage and stay in the marriage because of constraint - not because of a heart commitment.
A heart commitment is choosing to making your relationship a priority - to putting the other first. It’s making your marriage an oasis, a place of safety, comfort and refuge from the pressures of our high stress world. 

How you can keep the heart of your marriage growing and healthy? Here are a few thoughts to consider. Have your very own 
Heart Commitment Date and talk about:
  •  What are some of the positives about our relationship?
  • What changes do we need to make to energize our marriage and keep it fresh and growing? 
  • What do we want our marriage to look like in 10 years?  In 25 years?
  • What resources do we have for nurturing our relationship? (Such as time, health, humor, friends, faith in God, prayer, finances, and so on.)
  • What could I do today to express my love and commitment to my spouse? Maybe as simple as saying "I love you." Or volunteering to do the dishes. (That's Claudia's favorite and I'm a great kitchen elf.)  
 A final thought - commitment is a promise followed by action. Now it's your time to act. Get that date on your calendar.  And that’s the heart of the matter!
                                            Until next time,
                                            Claudia & Dave

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