Spread a Little Joy in this New Year

“He who receives a benefit should never forget it;
he who bestows should never remember it.”



What joy could you spread to others? What talents have been entrusted to you? Are you being faithful to use whatever gifts you have received to serve others? (I Peter 4:10). If so, then you know that it is more blessed to give than to receive. When you serve others, the greatest blessing may be yours!

Together discovering the joy of doing something for someone else can be a real marriage enricher. First, you’ll learn more about each other as you work together on a project. Second, serving others without thought of a reward or recognition can be very rewarding to your relationship. As you focus together on helping others, you’ll de-focus on getting things “your way.”

Have we convinced you? Then look around your community. Survey the needs and together choose a service project. Following is a list of possible projects. Use it as a catalyst to come up with your own unique brand of service.

1. Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity.

2. Volunteer for a short-term service project.

3. Adopt a needy family. Remember birthday and anniversaries with small gifts.

4. Choose an ecology project.

5. Be an aunt and uncle to a child in a single-parent home.

6. Give financial support and practical help to a needy family.

7. Help an elderly neighbor with special needs like providing transportation, shopping or just being available to talk.

We believe shared service promotes spiritual intimacy in a marriage relationship and is one way you can bring glory and honor to God. Chuck Colson, in Kingdoms in Conflict, talks about churches having little outposts (your marriage and family) in a world that desperately needs hope. As we serve others together, we can become little beacons that give light to others.

Why not take a few minutes and reflect on how together you can spread a little joy to others?