Give your marriage an early Christmas Gift....

Get Away

“Leisure is those periods when daydreaming is legitimate.”

Warren Goldberg


Want to get away from the pressure and put some fun in your relationship? Then plan a couple getaway!  Over the years our own relationship has been enhanced by times away. When our children were young, getaways were a wonderful break from our parenting responsibilities and hassles at home and gave us time to focus on each other.

Sometimes our getaways go like clockwork. Other times, they don’t—like the time we were living in southern Germany and planned a weekend at a wonderful farmhouse in the Black Forest. Our room came complete with a feather bed and a balcony overlooking the cattle grazing in the meadow and the mountains in the background. That evening we had dinner at a lovely small out-of-the-way German restaurant and talked and talked, totally unconscious of the time. Little did we know that the farmer locked the doors at 10 p.m. When we got back to the farmhouse our room key would not open the outside door and the farmer had gone to bed! So, for our romantic getaway we slept in our VW camper! A real bummer!

 Other times were met with more success. So we keep on planning getaways and encouraging other couples to do the same. No one debates the benefits of getting off alone with your spouse. But how can you get away for your getaway?  Here’s a quick planning guide. Together work through the following list:

1.      Place we would like to go: Make a list and then choose one. If funds are limited, borrow someone else’s home or apartment, look for deals and for coupons online, take your own food--that will save money--or open a special getaway account and save up for one.

2.      Resources for your getaway: Work out a budget--is this getaway going to be economy, moderate, or five-star?

3.      Possible dates: Choose a date and write it in your calendar; also pick an alternate date in case things don’t work out for the first one.

4.      Arrangements to make: Make reservations and get directions. Arrange for child care if needed. If you feel your children are just too young, remember, making your marriage a priority by getting away will benefit your kids. And kids are survivors and others can care for your children for several days! If childcare is a problem, swap children with friends, or start a childcare co-op with other families. Save up and hire a sitter, or recruit relatives.

5.      Packing list:  Think about the things you want to take along like candles, music, snacks, lotions. etc.

6.      Talk about your expectations for your time away. , what you want to do, during your getaway.

But what if your spouse just isn’t interested in getting away? You could offer to do all the planning, or plan the getaway around something you know your spouse enjoys. Ask for a getaway as a present, or if your mate likes surprises, kidnap him or her. You just may end up with a very happy hostage.

Time alone will infuse your relationship with fun, intimacy and romance. Go on and prove us right! May you receive the desire of your heart and may all your plans succeed ( Psalms 20:4). Trust God to help make your plans a wonderful reality as you take some time to dream together.