Give Your Marriage Three Gifts - Part 2

In last week’s blog, we talked about three gifts that spouses can give each other in a marriage. They are:

• The gift of love.

• The gift of individuality.

• The gift of compromise.

Can you remember a time recently when you gave your partner a gift of love? Maybe you got up in the middle of the night to comfort a crying child, or volunteered to clean up the kitchen after dinner. If you can’t remember a recent gift of love, think of one you could give to your mate today.

When was the last time you resolved a difference by each giving a gift of individuality? Maybe you voted differently in the last election. Hey, that’s okay.

Have you recently given each other the gift of compromise? Maybe you’re the miser and your spouse thinks money grow on trees, but on a recent purchase decision, you met in the middle. Way to go!

Now look to the future. The next time you face conflict, remember our three gifts. Like us, you may discover that when you’re committed to your marriage and you’re willing to give love gifts of cooperation and compromise, your marriage will just get better. It can be like Christmas all year long when you live a life of love!