Bird Watching Great Date

What are your favorite birds where you live? Why not have a date to watch them? Once at a Book Fest we met a fellow author, Fred Alsop, who said his favorite date was his “Owl Watching Date.” Looking for owls on a moonlit night, he tried to convince us, can be romantic as well as fun. We’re not into owls, but we love watching the red birds, blue birds and wood peckers—except when they’re pecking on our house! We have a couple of bird feeders and lots of visitors—including squirrels and an occasional raccoon who is not welcome!

You can be creative with this date. Maybe you want to have a date to buy a bird feeder to attract the birds, or go to a park and see how many birds you can see. If you have a zoo close by, you may be able to see more exotic birds. Just a few days ago, at the Washington National Zoo, two eaglets were born. The whole event was streamed online and you can still find it here. It was really fun to watch them break through their shells.

Another fun bird date would be to go to a bookstore and look for a book of birds in your area of the country. Then as you have your bird watching dates, you can identify them! Whatever you choose to do, this date is for you to enjoy—not just for the birds!