Something to do this weekend...

Spring Festival Great Date 

Cherry Blossoms
Just a few weeks ago we had thirty inches of snow in the Washington, DC area. Thanks goodness, it’s gone and today, the sun is shinning and the bulbs we planted last fall are popping up to remind us it’s time for our annual Cherry Blossom Festival Great Date.
If you live in the DC area, this is the week you want to get down to the Tidal Basin to see the amazingly gorgeous cherry trees in full bloom. 
Do you have a spring festival in your area? Check the papers or look on the Internet for spring festivals events near you. Many of the events (over several weeks) may be free, including the opening ceremonies, fireworks, and music concerts.
On your date, talk about what you like most about spring. What are your favorite spring blossoms, flowers, and traditions? What are some outdoor dates you could enjoy now that warmer weather is here (or at least on the way)? We’ve all heard the adage, “Take time to smell the roses.” We could add, “Take time to enjoy and smell the cherry blossoms” – or dogwoods, spring flowers, fresh air, or whatever spring offers to you in your part of the world. Life is too wonderful to hurry through it.