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The Connected Family **** (OUT of STOCK)

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Have fun connecting with your family.

In the midst of our stressful world, healthy families do exist! We know so because over the last couple of decades, dedicated family researchers have looked closely at what healthy families do right. For over twenty years, researchers at the University of Nebraska have joined with other universities around the world to study “What constitutes a strong family?” More than 17,000 family members in over twenty-five countries have been involved in these studies. 

Prominent researchers like Nick Stinnett, John DeFrain, David Olson and Ben Silliman have helped to identify the top strengths of strong families. Based on this body of research, The Connected Family offers you a smorgasbord of fun, easy and practical ways to strengthen your family in these vital areas. Real ways real families interact to build family strengths. Take your pick from the many suggested tips and family projects and have fun insuring that the following seven statements describe your family! 

1. Strong families spend time together. 

2. Strong families push the positives. (or encourage one another) 

3. Strong families talk to each other. 

4. Strong families handle stress and disagreements with grace. 

5. Strong families work together and promote responsibility. 

6. Strong families promote spirituality and worship God together. 

7. Strong families play and have fun together. 

You can have fun building a stronger family by connecting with your family with these fun activities. 


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